Wolves News · Wolf Nation 5k and 1 mile results

We want to thank everyone who came out to the Wolf Nation 5K and 1 mile this past Saturday morning!  We had over 200 people registered and a great turn out for the race!  I hope those of you who ran had a great race and will join us again next year.

We want to congratulate West End Elementary for being the “winning school”.  Their club brought over 30 runners!  North Heights/ Main wasn’t far behind with 29 runners!  Mrs. Goya, coordinator of the West End running club, has decided to split the winnings with North Heights/ Main.  We are proud to announce that $150 will be going to each of the schools to help them maintain and grow their running clubs.  We are looking to start clubs at all of the Rome City elementary schools.  If you are interested in being a sponsor, please email me, and I will help you get started!  It is a great feeder program that will ensure success for these students in years to come.
Go ahead and mark your calendars for next year.  After meeting with my volunteers, we have already begun to make changes and are adding a few surprises!  If you are interested in taking part as either a coordinator or a volunteer, please let me know!  We would love to have you.  Also, mark your calendars for the Wolf Nation Running Camps that will be held this summer.  For more information, check the flyer below.
Special thanks to the following clubs and groups that helped to make this race successful:  HOSA, Rome High ROTC and Sergeant Thrash, The RHS Cheerleaders, The Wolf Shack and Brandon Johnson,  Mr. Byars, Coach Harris, Coach Reid, Hannah Nabors, Joseph Hastings, April Edson, Desiree Jones, Matt Stover, Allyson Ross, David Little, Nick Bridges, and last but not least, LeAnn Goya.  I couldn’t have pulled this off without your help.
Thanks for making this day so special for not only each other but especially for the RCS students that were there.  We had over 50 kids in the one mile, and many more in the 5K.   After all, they are what this is all about!  Have a great week!  I am attaching the official race results as well as some race photos.

Here are the results:


Wolf Nation 5k and 1 Mile Results 5. Wolf Nation 5K Male A.G. Official Results 6. Wolf Nation 5K Female A.G. Official Results 1. Wolf Nation 5K & 1 Mi. OFFICIAL RESULTS 2018 2. Wolf Nation 5K OFFICIAL RESULTS 2018 3. Wolf Nation 1 Mi. OFFICIAL RESULTS 2018